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We provide a variety of services to people, ministries, churches & businesses.

We Pray In Jesus' Name

We pray for healing the sick and bless believers as well as unbelievers. We are all children of God, nobody is left out.
Baptise in Holy Spirit
Baptism in water

We Baptise In Water

Confess your sins & repent. Believe in Jesus and be baptised. No sin is too great for the mercy of the Lord. Do not be ashamed or afraid. If you want to confess and be baptised than do not wait and take action. We are ready for you to walk you through this process. You are never alone and remember that Jesus loves you no matter what.

We Baptise In The Holy Spirit..​

After being baptised in water we immediatly proceed with inviting the Holy Spirit. Talking in tongues is the key signal to know for sure you are filled and is for everyone, not just for the selected few. Just have trust in the Lord
Baptise in The Holy Spirit

..And We Cast Out Demons.

New age, mysticim, witchcraft and all kind of magic is in the rise these days. These practises are doorways for demons to come in. After baptism your are clean of your sins but not of your demons. In Jesus' name we will command them all to leave to make room for the Holy Spirit.

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