In the slums of Colombo people are in need.

Malcolm Perera introduced us to the slums in Colombo. We were impressed with how open people were for the Gospel but also with the brokenness and the need of help. We started to provide for food, books and rehab treatments for drug addicts. But we need you so we can do much more.


Feed the needy

Food and other basic needs are getting more expensive daily. We reach out by handing out ration packs to as many people as our budget allows.

Educate the poor

Education should be for everyone. By giving out books and other school material we try to keep the children educated.

Rehab the addicts

In these slums drug addiction is a big problem. By bringing drug addicts out of their environment, they can focus better on their rehabilitation. With the help of a Christian rehab center, drugs addicts are in a save environment and receive proper care to get rid of their addictions.


We strive to provide complete transparency on how your money is spent.

Ration packs

Meet The Team

The team consists of locals, pastors and nuns that know the slums, the people and the culture. We are also in close contact with a Christian rehab organisation.


A strong disciple of Jesus Christ who leads the team with conviction.


Our financial administrator that keeps track of your donations and our spendings.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the money is spend on helping the people in the Sri Lankan slums. We provide ration packs, books, rehab uptake and operational costs such as travel expenses.

We aim for full transparency. So we try to make the spendings publicly available on this website in the near future.

The funds are administrated with our financial administrator. All expenses are registered as we are accountable to you.

We will provide some statistics and share the progress on this project page. 

As a team we offer our time and work free of charge. We do not pay any team member. To work with locals we do have to pay them for specific services. We try to keep our overhead as low as possible.

In the comments section you can share with us your thoughts. We would love to hear your thoughts and are open for new ideas.

Core values

We uphold Christian values

This means we reach out to the children and the poor and preach to them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All with prayer and while being led by the Holy Spirit in obedience of God. 

What have we accomplished so far?

Via blogposts and Instagram we try to keep you informed about the progress that has been made.

21st of May
Malcolm explains

We not only help people with basic needs but we try to build up the community by helping people to find a job, offer prayer and making disciples of Jesus Christ.

21st May
We handed out ration packs

By handing out ration packs we not only feed the poor, we also gain their trust. This greatly helps to share the Gospel.

21th of May
We provided books for the children

With the first donation we have bought books and gave them to the children. 

17th of May
We set up team & network

After our experiences in the slums a team was spontaneously formed. We came into contact with Christian locals, pastors and a rehabilitation center.

1st of May
We have prayed for the Holy Spirit

People were open and hungry for the Gospel. We were able to pray for this  man to receive te Holy Spirit. He immediately gave up all his drugs. But still much has to be done.

1st of May
We visited the slums

Read all about our experiences in the slums in our blog. But this encounter with these people was amazing.