The harvest is great

Together with brothers & sisters in Christ we have planted a church and build a platform by disciples of Jesus Christ. Via this platform we spread the Gospel online as well as offline.

Through house church fellowships, blog posts and mission trips we spread the Word of God and encourage others to do the same. By sharing testimonies we try to connect with a broad audience so that as much people as possible can relate to the teachings of Jesus Christ because His love is for everyone.

Yeshua Academy’s signature is recognisable by a very practical and direct approach, just like the early church in the time of the book of Acts.


These days we use and wear a lot of merchandise with certain phrases on it which imply we stand behind these messages. Yeshua Academy stands behind Jesus so we design t-shirts, mugs and other accessories with a biblical message so every believer can worship Jesus and make the good news known to the world at the same time.


There are unlimited ways for us to share the Gospel. Some situations need a sensitive apporach and in other situations we can be bold. In our webshop we try to design products for each and one of these situations. This way we don’t let any moment go to waste and try to turn every situation around to share the powerful message of Jesus Christ.