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Statement of Faith

Essential Doctrine

1. I believe there is one eternal God whose name is YHWH.Deut 6:4 He is the Father of the only begotten Son Yeshua, better known as Jesus Christ.Joh 3:16

2. As a former Gentile I consider myself an Israelite grafted into the kingdom of YHWH.Rom 11:24 I am a child of YHWH and therefore under His covenant. Just like all are children of YHWH who are true born again believers of Yeshua and who keep His commandments.Rom 11:17

3. I believe that solely trough faith salvation can be received. Thus salvation cannot be acquired without repentance or through works nor can it be inherited. True faith always results in works. We will be judged not by faith but by our worksRev 20:12 which is the result of our faith.

4. I believe one must be born again to see the kingdom of YHWH.Joh 3:3

5. I believe one must repent from sin, be baptised in water by submersion, believe in Yeshua as his one and only saviour and receive the Holy Spirit to be born again in Christ. I believe that all steps are neccesary for as long the person has the possibility to do these steps, after hearing and understanding the Gospel. I believe disobedience in one of these steps is an act of enmity against YHWH and therefore leads to certain death.

6. I believe the Bible to be taken literally when there is no reason to believe the writer is communicating in a symbolical way.

7. I believe the Bible should explain itself. We should not add nor subtract from the Bible nor impose our own biased opinion over it.Deut 4:2

8. I think the Bible should be interpreted in context, in the time the texts where written while understanding the writers of the text and their audience.

9. I believe in the OT & NT bible as a whole, cover to cover.2 Tim 3:16 And that in the bible there is one God, one kind of people, one bridegroom and one perfect law a.k.a Torah.Psa 19:7 I believe the church is Israel and that all born again Christians, Jews & Gentiles alike that keep His Torah are Israel’s heirs. And that all its people are children of YHWH with Yeshua as its bridegroom. Therefore I believe replacement theology to be false.

10. He who is in Christ is not under the law but under grace.Deut 6:4 And I believe the whole of Torah should still tutor born again believers today.Rom 6:14 We should still obey God’s instructions to the best of our ability and for as long as they are applicable to us. Not out of obligation but out of love.Gal 5:18 I believe that if you truly love YHWH you have an intrinsic love based motivation to obey the house rules of His kingdom without question.

Non-essential Doctrine

I think born again followers of Yeshua should not waste their time arguing each others beliefs other than their believe in Yeshua. This is why I have splitted my statement of faith in essential and non-essential doctrine. I think all is important but all is not important to be saved. Ultimately obeying God is the only thing that matters.

In my opinion, not believing in these doctrines will not hinder you from being saved. But I think it will undermine your faith greatly. If your faith is challenged by contradictory non-biblical sources than you are vulnerable to false doctrines which will lead to not knowing your identity in Christ which subsequently results in loosing your authority in Christ. Especially in these end times we need to put on the full armor of God to see through and protect us from deceptions like aliens, transhumanism, false prophets and man-based morals just to name a few.


1. I believe in the literal 6 (24 hours) days creation of the heaven and the earth by YHWH, our creator. Therefore I believe evolution to be false.

2. I believe in a biblical cosmology where the earth is flat. We live in a closed system from where we cannot leave. The sun is not a star and is close and approximatly the same size as the moon. The moon gives it’s own light and both lights (sun & moon), together with all the stars are within this enclosed system a.k.a. the firmamentGen 1:16-17. Therefore I believe the globe model to be false and gravity to be non-existent.

3. I believe there where giants on the earthGen 6:4 and that today’s demons are the disembodied giants called the Nephilim.

4. I believe the first post-flood King, Nimrod, was and still is the Anti-Christ and will be come back. – The first will be the last –

5. I think that we, the children of YHWH, with the help of YHWH, will endure the harsh end times until the second coming of the king of kings Yeshua HaMashiach our saviour. Therefore I do not believe in a pre-tribulation rapture.

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